What is High Performance coaching?

High Performance coaching operates on the belief that you are not broken, you don't need fixing. The concept concentrates on you improving. Improving your relationships, your job, your happiness, your life. Whereas counselling concentrates on what has happened in the past, Coaching looks to the future. Where you want to go, how you want to get there, what you need to make your journey and what will be better for you and your life when you succeed.

My promise to you is:
To be respectful, open and honest
To support you for 100% of your journey
To celebrate your successes
To hold you accountable for your decisions
To call out what I hear from you, to you
For our sessions to remain completely confidential

If you come to me with a subject that I am neither equipped or qualified to deal with, and would benefit from a trained professional from one of the helping professions such as in the medical / psychological arena, I am blessed with a wide network of contacts, which I will be happy to refer you to

Please note that Coaching is NOT counselling, counselling concerns the past and you should seek the help of a suitably qualified practitioner, whereas Coaching concerns the future.