Using tried and tested NLP techniques, some Hypnosis and the latest sales technologies used by the largest hi-tech companies in the world, LIFESPARKLE training is people and results focused, tailored to the individuals taking the course.

In the same way that one size does not fit all, it is only when you can understand you, and learn to get a deeper understanding of the people you are interacting with, that you are able to flex any process or procedure to achieve your goal.

We have all been to fantastic training courses, had a great day, and straight after gone straight back to doing what we hae always done. The secret to make any new skill, or knowledge stick is repitition. It takes 21 times to make a new habit - Dr Maxwell Maltz - Psycho-Cyernetics 1960. After 21 times of doing something, it becomes a habit as the brain has created new synapses. This is why each LIFESPARKLE training course has a 21 day follow on programme to ensure that the new behaviours, skills , and knowledge are fully embedded so that it will become harder not to do something than to do it.