“Sarah has been one of the driving forces behind the design and rollout of our High Perfomance Sales program in EMEA.
Her great enthusiasm and competence meant people at different levels of the organization were always at ease discussing their sales training needs and using Sarah as a sounding board.

I wish Sarah the very best in her future endeavours”

October 30, 2012
Paolo Bafico, Director, Client Delivery, ServiceSource

“I really had the pleasure to work and be coached by Sarah. She is an excellent professional, giving always her best, and trying to make the most out of the others. Her happiness and cheerful personality is contagious to everybody working with her. Her job motivating me and coaching me on how to coach the others had the biggest impact on my performance in Service Source, for which I got recognition and reward. I would have no doubt on work with Sarah again. She was a good mentor to me and also a person that I learned a lot from. If a company wants a good coach, I would definitely go for Sarah.”

October 31, 2012
Daniel Rodriguez Nieto, Sales Team Lead, ServiceSource

“Sarah is a fantastic trainer and was the first person to introduce me to the world of ServiceSource. She explains things in a way that keeps your focus and makes you see the course clearly - sometimes you tend to drift off in training sessions, however she keeps you interested so you don't when she's the trainer! I would highly recommend her as a fantastic addition to any team as her knowledge and expertise are second to none.”

November 1, 2012
Susan Manning, EMEA Channel Engagement Manager, ServiceSource

"Sarah rolled out the high performance sales training for the management team within ServiceSource.
Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and made the whole training experience an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Sarah's enthusiasm for both training and coaching is very contagious and I left the sessions with a passion and belief for the subject, which enabled me to have a tangible impact on my team.”

November 1, 2012
Christian Stafford, Team Lead, ServiceSource

“Sarah has a unique approach in motivating and mentoring. When advice is sought from her, rather than telling someone what to do or how to do it, she asks probing questions which eventually gives the person the tools they need to develop their own solution to the problem. She has the ability to objectively look at a situation and imagine all possible scenarios.

The speed at which she comprehends different roles, functions, and processes is amazing - she can be made aware of a role/function one day, and provide in-depth training on it (as if she's been in that role for 20 years) the next day.

Sarah's a person who's highly skilled and and highly efficient with anything she lays her hands on."

November 5, 2012
Dave Brennan, Sales Enablement Team Lead, Business Optimisation, ServiceSource