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ICF's 2009 research study was conducted by Price Waterhouse and the Association Resource Centre Inc., with over two-thousand coaching clients surveyed in sixty-four countries. The top two motivations for seeking coaching help were self-esteem/self-confidence and work/life balance issues. ICF reports that ninety percent of those whose motivation was to improve self-esteem/self-confidence reported positive gains in those areas.

Furthermore, of those with other motivation for seeking coaching, such as business executives, over fifty percent also reported positive gains in self-esteem/self-confidence.




Coaching Steps

There are 8 standard steps within the coaching process.

Step 1   STEP1: This is where you establish in which general direction you wish to go.

Step 2   STEP2: This is where we confirm where exactly you are at the present moment – your starting point. In the same way that you cant plot a journey without having a start and end point because a. you will get lost and b. your journey will take you a lot of extra time and effort to get where you are going.

Step 3   STEP3: Now we have the start point and he general direction you wish to go, what are the first steps along the way?

Step 4   STEP4: Who are you now? Your values, How does where you want to fit in with you authentic self today?

Step 5   STEP5: Getting rid of what is stopping you/ has stopped you in the past. Defining your very own rule book for how people should communicate and treat you.

Step 6   STEP6: Now you know where you where you are starting from, have aligned with your truest self, have a rulebook for everyone else to use, you can zoom in to your precise destination.

Step 7   Step7: Plotting the rest of your journey, what you need to take with you, preparations to be made markers along the way and what success will look like – how will you know its working?

Step 8   STEP8: Celebrating how far you have come already, what you have learnt, what you are going to do with this new information and where you want to go next.