Facts and Figures

International Coaching Federation's 2009 research study was conducted by Price Waterhouse and the Association Resource Centre Inc., with over two-thousand coaching clients surveyed in sixty-four countries. The top two motivations for seeking coaching help were self-esteem/self-confidence and work/life balance issues. ICF reports that ninety percent of those whose motivation was to improve self-esteem/self-confidence reported positive gains in those areas.

Furthermore, of those with other motivation for seeking coaching, such as business executives, over fifty percent also reported positive gains in self-esteem/self-confidence.



Association of Coaching

High Performance Coaching

Whether 1:1, or in a group, the process of High Performance Coaching is a powerful one. Lifesparkle High Performance Coaching is based on the Co-Active Coaching methodology, and founded on the belief that it is YOU that have all the answers, you just havent been asked the right questions yet!
And that is exactly why you will want me as your Coach. With 20 Years of Sales, Sales Management  and Training experience for many of the  Hi Tech Companies in the world, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Mastery,  Hypnosis and over 200 Hours of Coaching experience

It means that by having me as your Coach you will get:

The Sales bit:
Expert listening and questioning skills to identify what YOU really want and the benefits to you having it (what it will give you).

The NLP Mastery bit: In-depth knowledge and understanding of language patterns, facial expression and body language. Listening not just to the words you are saying to get to the heart of the matter much quicker.

The Hypnosis bit: Phrasing your Goals in such a way as to become compelling to you, so that its harder not to complete them than to succeed.
All within the Coaching framework: The process where YOU are in control, YOU will get a deeper understanding of YOU, what drives YOU, what YOU really want and to enable YOU to become aware of, and achieve all that YOU desire

The High Performance Coaching Process
There are 8 steps in the process, at what speed you move through the process depends entirely on you - dependant on how long it takes you to complete the actions you have set for yourself.
Most engagements last for 4 – 6  sessions, with each session lasting one hour.

Why choose me to be your High Performance Coach?
Whether you are looking to make your home life, work life, relationships, inner self, finances or health or infact, anything else sparkle, there are many ways LIFESPARKLE can help you get there…
I can’t promise a miracle cure, I can’t fix the recession, but what I will do is help you to understand where the happiness is in your life so that you can make more of it.
Where the things that don’t serve you are in your life and how to get rid of them, and how to find and get the life/job/relationship you want.